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      Chapter 20"I should think not, master. It would be hard if he missed two out of four-and-twenty."

      "Robert Backfield, I arrest you on the charge of stealing a pocket-book containing bonds and money from Squire Ralph Bardon of Flightshot."He started down the corridor: the masters had taken Dara in that direction, opposite to his own. Suddenly, one of his own kind stood before him, and he recognized a female, Hortat, through the dusty air. Hortat was staring at him with a frozen expression in her eye.

      The Squire thought he had detected Backfield's little game, and a relieved affability crept into his manner.

      "Another time, Margaretnot now; butthe child was born before its father declared himself a wretch! and I will look upon itpoor little creature!" he continued, gazing at the babe as Margaret raised it up, "what a strange colour it is!"

      "I've had it three monthsI can construe a bit of Horace now.""Do they find the one who escapes?" he asked.


      Cadnan had room for only one thought, the most daring of his entire life. "You must get Dara away."


      The flying sparks had soon done their work. Fires sprang up at a distance from the ricks, sometimes in two places at once. Everyone worked desperately, but the water supply was slow, and though occasionally these sporadic fires were put out, generally they burned fiercely. Wisps of blazing hay began to fly about the yard, lodging in roofs and crannies. By the time the fire engine arrived from Rye, the whole place was alight except the dwelling-house and the oasts."And if they do?"


      Chapter 23